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Acroyoga Classes

Acrobatic Partner Yoga is a practice that blends the age old wisdom of yoga with basic partner acrobatics, physical conditioning and healing arts techniques. The class is designed to increase strength, flexibility, coordination and sensitivity in a safe and progressive way. For safety, spotters are always used in acrobatic sequences. Known as "The Yoga of Trust" AcroYoga is an art of giving and receiving which cultivates Joy, Connection, Playfulness and Community. Bring a friend or just yourself, no partner is required. 

Handstand Classes

Come prepared to challenge yourself as we dive into the world of handbalancing. In these class we will cover handstand technique, conditioning and have plenty of practice time playing with balance and training techniques. By the nature of the practice, spotting technique will also be taught, as training with partners is a great way to improve your handstand practice. Classes available for all levels. 

Yoga Classes in Portland

Ian and Paul teach yoga classes, privates and workshops for various studios throughout the city including The Yoga Space, The Peoples's Yoga, and Planet Granite. Contact us for a private, custom tailored yoga session!


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